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Men's Jared Leto Joker 1.1

this include the Jared Leto Joker from the suicide squad movie.

  1. G1G2.
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Clothing Style:
    • Everyday
    • Casual
    • Athletic
    Clothing Type:
    • Bottoms
    09-10-16_12-34-17 AM.png 09-09-16_7-34-49 PM.png

    The Joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman. He was first introduced in Batman #1 and has remained consistently popular. The Joker is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance. Initially portrayed as a violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement.
    so i decided to make the jared leto from the suicde squad movie i find his look very cool and my batman needed his yang to play with so thats about it have fun :)
    instruction for wearing:
    1.Joker Skin (found in face paints)
    2.joker revolvor ( found in accessories)
    3.joker pants (found in bottoms)
    4.joker short ( found in bottoms)
    this will contain the joker gun from the movie
    09-10-16_12-35-10 AM.png
    and there is two options of bottoms to choose from
    09-10-16_1-58-25 AM.png
    i used this jared leto sim in the pics

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