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K All Wood Doors – 49 Doors – sets 1 to 7 1

You know the song : you better knock, knock on wood ...

  1. k-hippie
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Office
    • Outdoor
    • Dining
    Creative Commons
    Wood is warm and malleable. In the 20s, with the development of Art Nouveau, wood has regained its pedigree by blending style and color on the same piece. Thus creating unique and original works. For this flexibility we love wood.

    Make your choice between 7 sets of 7 doors : 49 wooden doors. You'll surely find something to your liking ;)

    Going back to the door: as much as an integral part of your living space. Thus open or closed, they will be visible.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh :)

    Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
    Size : 3,3mb per set
    Category : Build > Doors
    Price : 200§

    khippie-imago-doors-01.jpg khippie-imago-doors-02.jpg khippie-imago-doors-03.jpg khippie-imago-doors-04.jpg khippie-imago-doors-05.jpg khippie-imago-doors-07.jpg khippie-imago-doors-08.jpg khippie-imago-doors-10.jpg khippie-imago-doors-11.jpg khippie-imago-doors-12.jpg khippie-imago-doors-13.jpg khippie-imago-doors-14.jpg khippie-imago-doors-17.jpg khippie-imago-doors-16.jpg khippie-imago-doors-18.jpg