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K Artworks – 4 Ever Vintage Artworks – set 1 1

In my time ...

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-01.jpg k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-02.jpg k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-03.jpg k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-04.jpg k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-05.jpg k-hippie-4ever-vintage-art-set1-06.jpg

    Do you remember when Twitter came out and we all wondered what it was about ? It was a bit confusing not to say the least. Just after Facebook and the promises to stay in touch, to be more interesting than message boards and forums.
    Oh … and Skype. The future of MSN Messenger. The private chatroom we all wanted. The even better than old IRC !
    How about the first time you tried YouTube. Before YouTube, do you remember watching videos online ? Do you remember buffering videos, letting it load so you don’t watch in stop-motion style :)

    Everybody agrees : everything is going fast today. We have to remember the past, no one’s allowed to forget History. Let’s honor the Future’s History and remember the first publicities about the first social medias !
    Hang them high or let them stand against a wall : let the soon-to-be-old hipster talk in you, proudly be able to say “In my time …” :D

    You might remember those objects from Sims 3. We rebuilt them for Sims 4 : the usual 3D, UVMaping and texturing work we are known for :)
    They exist both in hanged and leaned version. Plus, the framed images are now of better quality ;)

    These objects are new meshes, they don’t override anything and work fine in game :)

    Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
    Contains : 2 combined package
    Category : Buy > Decoration > Paintings / Sculptures
    Polygones : 142
    Price : 400§