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K Clutter Sputnik - 7 Polaroids - set 2 1

Elements of Crime

  1. k-hippie
    • Office
    Creative Commons
    Creepy collector or over-worker cop, except those people, it is unusual to have such photos in your possession but there could be a million reasons for it. And some dark ways to acquired them. From the coroner assistant ? From the archive boxes ? Who knows ... how much did you paid them ? What did you gave in exchange ? oO

    The photos are of diverse style : crime scene, ufo sighting, etc.
    7 different colour schemes, nothing gore or freaked out. Everything is suggested, because they are Elements of Crime.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a 8-3 object converted from the Sims 3 :)

    Category : Buy > Decoration > Clutter
    Price : 20§

    khippie-clutter-polaroid-set2-01.jpg khippie-clutter-polaroid-set2-02.jpg khippie-clutter-polaroid-set2-03.jpg khippie-clutter-polaroid-set2-04.jpg