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K Clutter Sputnik - 7 Secret Folders - set 1 1

Elements of Crime

  1. k-hippie
    • Office
    Creative Commons
    Working in the Forces, Private Investigator, Retired, Fired, Freelance, Amateur ? You know you have files around. You don't always hide them in the secret compartment under the floor ... even if it's the most important folder in your life, sometimes it's just hoarding space on your desk, just in case you need to check something quick. It is easier to grab it like a normal person than to go in the secret hide ...

    X-Files fan or not : these folders are sure to make you believe the Conspiracy !

    7 files going from Unclassified to Classified X. Classic beige, darker brown or strange grey ;) The folders have a touch from the past, they lived, they are worned out. They have textures !

    This object is directly from Get to Work, cloned and released for Base Game.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a modified mesh from Maxis :)

    Category : Buy > Decoration > Clutter
    Price : 50§

    khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-01.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-02.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-03.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-04.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-05.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-06.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-07.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-08.jpg khippie-clutter-achtung-set1-09.jpg