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K Ich Factory Beds – 7 Bedframes & 21 Beddings – volumes 1, 2, 3 2

Dare to dream. Let your teddy bear become your second in command like in old times.

  1. k-hippie
    • Bedroom

    Do you remember the last time you look at your bed like you use to ? Do you remember the last time you jump on it for the fun ? Or because everything outside the bed was lava … or water full of sharks ? When did your bed stopped being your ship to unknown lands ? When did it become the place only to binge watch or to cuddle ? When did you stop loving your bed as the vessel of your dreams ?

    Yeah. We are wondering too. So we made beds. Cool ones. For grown ups. Or not. It doesn’t matter. We made beds with a badass look and packed them with dreams on it with a series of 21 different beddings of various style. Hopefully to trigger new dreams, even forgotten ones.

    As for the bedframe, we made it sturdy, to let you jump on it like before. So you have a bed until you accomplish your dream. Every dream need a firm foundation. You can’t go wrong with one of these 7 bedframes : metaaal and wood. Urban, chic, modern. The bed will probably last longer than you but just like someone said : the hardest part is not to achieve your dream, is to keep living it.

    Are you up to the challenge ?

    On a more serious note : you’ll download 3 different packages, each containing 7 beds with 7 unique beddings. All volume have the same 7 bedframes.
    Each bedframe is highly textured and grained fine. The bedding had as much as attention : highly texture – of course otherwise it wouldn’t be a work from us ;)

    On a really more technical note : this bed is a model from Luna. We edited it, corrected it, updated it. To avoid any problem, we decided to not divide the bedding from the bedframe.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a modified mesh of a Luna ( Sims 3 ) object based on a Maxis object …

    special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v1-05.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v1-07.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v2-09.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v2-11.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v3-20.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bed-v3-21.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-01.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-02.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-03.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-04.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-05.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-06.jpg special-hippie-k-ich-bedframe-07.jpg
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