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K Photonik ( Sunny / Moonlight ) 15 Windows ( x 7 recolors ) - set 1 2

Windows, to look thru.

  1. Fast like Flash !

    We updated the 1x3 windows on diagonal walls.

    We totally forgot about the diagonal walls, it took us less than a day and we found a solution for windows on diagonal walls !

    We battled, we fought, LODs were torn appart, Cutouts were burnt to the ground, walls were built but we won !

    Let’s be honest, we are feeling a bit proud of such achievement. We didn’t change the base object we used, we didn’t cheat with anything and the windows won’t overlap on the foundations. It is all clean and neat. Everything is properly working. The 1x3 windows are working perfectly and we removed dust from our mathematic skills in the process ( who said it’s back to school time ? )

    Bonus : our screenshots are basking in a beautiful sunlight !

    Go ahead and download 1x3 windows, or the whole bunch if you haven’t already :)

    Have fun !

    k-photonik-window-addendum-01.jpg k-photonik-window-addendum-02.jpg k-photonik-window-addendum-03.jpg k-photonik-window-addendum-04.jpg k-photonik-window-addendum-05.jpg
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