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Kijiko Skin Detail Eyelashes TOP ONLY Retextures 2019-05-22

Original Colors + Additional Brown | For All Ages

  1. catsblob
    Accessory Type:
    • Head Accessories
    Additional Requirements:
    Kijiko's mesh here (you must install the meshes for the age you are wanting, install all of the meshes if you install the MERGED package)
    preview 1.png preview 2.png
    1. the dotted swatches for toddlers means they are the additional lashes (same as the second version for children)
    2. contains separate files for each age and merged
    3. custom thumbnails for the first swatch, follows the original order of styles
      ⇢ separate thumbnails were made for the forehead and mouth crease option (highly suggest downloading this organizer)
    4. for some reason the toddler's eyelashes order in S4S is not the same as it is in game, so the one's circled below are the additional swatches
      TS4_x64 2019-05-18 13-39-29.png