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Kijiko Uncurled Eyelashes SHORT Retextures 2018-07-10

Natural & Unnatural Colors;

  1. catsblob
    Accessory Type:
    • Head Accessories
    Additional Requirements:
    Kijiko's mesh HERE
    find my other versions HERE and HERE

    1. 3 SETS;
      1. Natural - 28 swatches (4 color types)
      2. Unnatural - 40 swatches (10 color types)
      3. Merged
    2. i basically just used my textures from here and slapped them on this mesh. same order and everything.
      1. unnatural colors do not have all the styles in the natural set. they just looked funky and i didn’t want to give yall funky yellow lashes
    3. custom thumbnails for the first set of colors on the natural and one for each different style on the unnatural. all the swatches for the unnatural are organized by the bottom color. the top color represents the lash color.