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KiwiSim’s Scrumptious Kitchen Recolored! 1.0

A Recolor of kiwisims4's Kitchen

  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Miscellaneous
    The original set by kiwisims4 has for a long time been my favorite counter in game and is a wonderful set that my attempt has nothing on so you should totally go and download it here. Thank you so, so, so much to him for letting me do this!

    I’ve been craving some counters that have some texture to them but without being overwhelming, and I looked long and hard but I couldn’t find any so decided to make my own recolors in some marble/granite neutral-ish colors.

    The preview photos don’t do much justice - they’re a bit more visible in game.

    These are a standalone recolor and will be replace the originals in your game! All of the textures come in the counter and island, but not the cabinet - if you want matching cabinets you’ll have to download the original set!

    Please let me know what you think/give me feedback/show me what you’ve done with them! I’d love to see.


    1. tumblr_ns4x2geXtx1uyz8pjo1_1280.jpg
    2. tumblr_ns4x2geXtx1uyz8pjo2_1280.jpg
    3. tumblr_ns4x2geXtx1uyz8pjo3_1280.jpg
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