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Little Killer Faces 2017-02-22

Killer Faces for Deadly Toddlers

  1. JujuBunny
    • Toddler
    I thought this was fitting since we got the Deadly Toddler Mod to create a couple of little death machines.

    Outfits and Faces!!! <3

    They are base game compatible. The overalls are a top and bottom. The dresses are both skirts to be worn without a shirt. The faces are in skin detail unless we get makeup or face paint for toddlers then I will add them that way too.

    All textures originally belong to: http://bebebrillit.tumblr.com

    Send some love their way too. I fell in love with the original CC and had to convert it for my little killers.

    Dramatic-Simmer’s Deadly Toddler Mod Page: http://sims4studio.com/thread/7833/studio-drama


    1. 02-22-17_1-20-08 AM.png
    2. 02-22-17_1-14-54 AM.png
    3. 02-22-17_1-23-41 AM.png
    4. 02-22-17_2-24-23 AM.png