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Women's [Lovelysimmer100] MyFirstHair 2016-06-13

My Very First Original Hair

  1. Lovelysimmer100
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    Hair Type:
    • Regular Hair
    06-13-16_3-01-32 PM.jpg
    This is my very first hairstyle! It's not the best but it is something, I think that I am going to be making my own hairs every single month (because it does take a while) I also will be recoloring hair as well. This was recolored with Simblargh Pooklet’s Natural Hair Color Action & Nyren's Kosmik Pastel Color Action also a little bit of, Futilefairytale’s Patisseqie Palette. If you want to recolor/retexture please read my TOU
    This has a custom thumbnail it should look like this ↙↙
    06-13-16_1-46-24 PM.png