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Men's Mentaiko Itto's Priapus Tattoo V2

A tattoo inspired by mangaka Mentaiko Itto's Priapus

  1. deathbywesker
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    07/22/2019: patch v1.17 and 08/08/2019: patch
    -Males only, teen-elder
    -Upper body and full body tattoos
    -Comes in 10 variants.
    -Custom thumbnails included
    -Disabled for random townies
    -Enabled for all occult sims
    -Compatible with all or most skintones

    This tattoo was made by BellumDei on LL and he was kind enough to let me edit it and share it. *If you have already downloaded this tattoo before on LL or Mediafire please delete it download this one instead. This version will not override the old one, but I just recommend you have the new version.*

    This sim is not available for download, but you can find the original one in the Gallery by JasonsOrigin.

    I don't have a terms of use for this tattoo, so do what you want. ;3

    Credits: Mentaiko Itto, BellumDei, JasonsOrgin, luumiasims, CosplaySimmer, XldSims, CosplaySimmer and many other cc creators.


    1. Priapus Tattoo.png
    2. Priapus Tattoo In Game.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Maulana Anwar
    Maulana Anwar
    Version: V2
    I love this tattoo!