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MMD Dance - Really Bad Boy (By Red Velvet) 1.1

A MMD Dance Conversion into The Sims 4

  1. UplayR94
    Additional Requirements:
    Requires Andrew's Pose Player in order to play the animation.
    For non-commercial use only (Use in Videos for entertainment purposes is permitted)
    This is a WIP MMD Dance Conversion into The Sims 4, originally created by Mirin The Fox, and converted by me, UplayR94. I have attached a full readme within the ZIP-File, in which you can read the full details about the MMD Dance Motion.

    Special credits belong to Mirin The Fox, who really makes nice MMD Dance Motions on her YouTube channel.

    Preview video:
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  1. Update: Finalized Version

Recent Reviews

  1. Zom-Sama
    Version: 1.1
    Needed this dance for a project so glad some one did it