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Modeling Poses V1

Various Modeling poses for your sims

  1. Vertigo
    This should be compatible with the latest version of the game
    Additional Requirements:
    Get Andrew's Pose Player here: http://sims4studio.com/thread/2617/andrews-studio
    Creadit me please if you decided to use any of poses. Or link the pose's download page to your creation

    So, this is my first creation for this site :)
    I've been a sims-poses creator for quite sometime. I started making poses for The Sims 3 few years ago. I eventually stopped after The Sims 4's release.
    And now, it's finally possible to make pose packs for The Sims 4!
    I am very eager to see more poses created by the amazingly talented community, and especially on this site!

    Anyways, let's get to it;)
    This pose pack contains 5 different poses. Those poses are mainly designed for modeling purposes.
    But first, you'll need to download Andrew's pose player here




    4. Girly

    5. Sexy

    That's pretty much it.


    1. confident.png
    2. fierce.png
    3. Girly.png
    4. Metalhead.png
    5. Peaceful.png
    6. sexy.png
    7. Thumbnails - header.png
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