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Unisex Modern Law Enforcement Uniform 1.0

Unisex Modern Police Uniforms

  1. monkeysimmy4
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    Hello again, This time I bring a gift to your law enforcement-lover simmers here.

    I made modern day police uniform for unisex, all LODs and adjustable to all body morphs.

    For mesh, I combine base_game_shirtsquaredpocket and base_game dress pants and my custom duty belt merged as full outfit.

    You will find mesh in menu around base game full body outfit ( For male, located around bear costume as seen in picture, for female, you have to tick off female preference as seen in picture, should be found around one piece swimsuit )

    If there's any problem, please inform me. I will fix them ASAP.

    Many thanks to Sims 4 studio for wonderful tutorials and http://theslyd.tumblr.com for great tutorials, too.

    Happy Simming *salute*

    For those who want to recolouring, here's photoshop file. I save many saved selection and many layers but it should be easy to navigate and indicate area you want to recolour.



    1. Police_Icon.png