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Modular Sofa 2016-05-30

Converted From the Sims 3

  1. magicalgirlsimmer
    • Living Room
    • Comes in 22 Eversims So lovely Colors + Black and White
    • Base Game Compatible
    • There are 5 pieces, and although in the info it says you need MOO to work, you actually don’t! The pieces will snap to each other without it :D
    • Thanks goes to Omega for the original mesh!
    • Recolors are WELCOME and feel free to include my mesh, but please do not use adfly with the recolors and credit is necessary!
    • These are found in Comfort > Misc
    • Just don’t be a dirt bag :D
    • These have been player tested, but if there’s a problem PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


    1. modularsofa_text.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. maimouth
    Version: 2016-05-30
    looove!!! <3
  2. Jase T.
    Jase T.
    Version: 2016-05-30
    I LOVE the sofa, been dying for something like this in my game and I love the maxis match texture, but I was just wondering if it was possible at all to make two of the sections combined as like a love seat? So that sims can do all the cuddle and bonding interactions??
    1. magicalgirlsimmer
      Author's Response
      you should be able to make it smaller just use the two end pieces. Sims should be able to do all the interactions they normally do but I cloned this from another modular type seating
  3. Wolfofthenyght
    Version: 2016-05-30
    Perfect!! I've been looking for a set like this for a while! The vibrant colors are just what I was looking for to spruce up my sims' living areas :D Thank you so much!
  4. Mendota
    Version: 2016-05-30
    This is wonderful. I love the bright colors and I have been wanting something like this for awhile.