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Musical Note Beds 2016-01-28

This bed allows you to sleep like Music Star.

  1. Lindsay
    • Bedroom
    • Children
    Please do not recreate or reupload.
    This is a standalone recolor of a children bed. If you recall the Anti-Goblin bed you got from EA. Well this is the same bed exempt that I changed it it a bit. Ever want different colors or a bed for a music lover. Well you can now have it and still have the Anti-Goblin one as well.
    Title: Music Talent (in Game)
    Project Title: Musical Notes
    Cost: $50.00
    Recolors: 6 Recolors (Blue & Green, Green & Red, Purple & Pink, Black & White, Pink & Yellow, White & Purple)
    This bed allows you to sleep like Music Star. You little girls and boys can enjoy this bed recolor. Have little Music Lover children. This bed show that off in 6 different colors and Notes. All the Notes are one colors that change when switch between Swatch.
    Note: Please do not Recolor these. It took me a few days to get a few of these and to get to my liking. You can tag me in tweets as well or even leave a comment if downloaded. #Sims 4 #recolor #MusicTalent #MusicalNotes @SimsLindz
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  1. girlnwaiting101
    Version: 2016-01-28
    So cute!
    1. Lindsay