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MySims Leaf as default replacement for the castle dollhouse princess doll. Beta.01

WIP (I didn't change the DST images in the warehouse at all)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Children
    I repurposed Leaf (a collectable MySims statue) to go with my 2 to 4 Obstacle Course Dollhouse. I think he is absolutely perfect for it! :D

    Just remove the package if you want the princess back.
    Leaf is now available in Chocolate or Peach. Chose only ONE.


    Chocolate Leaf.png

    Get the 2 to 4 Obstacle Course Dollhouse *here*
    02-22-16_9-12-43 PM.png

    Also for the Car Crash Dollhouse *here*
    07-02-16_6-41-45 AM.png

    Get the Train Set Dollhouse *here*
    06-25-16_4-17-44 PM.png
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