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new year, new bod 2020-04-16

boobs from my November body preset

  1. vibrantpixels
    orig. post: here


    i received a message on tumblr requesting i make a body preset with only the boobs from my november body preset and after meticulously copying the position of every vertex onto the new body, i’ve finally got it ready to share!! on top of that, i managed to create an “overlay” preset that allows you to put these boobs on other presets to mix-and-match! download and ~instructions~ below the cut.


    You must select the overlay preset first or else it will not stick. Then select another preset, preferably one that does not originally change the shape of the chest (I only tested on my body presets since they’re the only ones I have in my game and it worked perfectly. It is trial and error so I suggest you adjust the body first as a precaution).

    If you change your mind and do not want to use the preset, I have included a reset preset which will revert your sim back to the default ea body.​



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  1. neluun
    Version: 2019-01-07
    I absolutely love this preset!! Works perfectly in my game.