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Nouveaulicious ts2 Conversion: Automated trashcan - Light version 2.0

Trashcan with light. TS2 Store conversion. 7 Recolors

  1. Hinayuna
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    Conversion and Mod by me. Free to recolor/remesh. Just credit me c:
    The are two version of this automated trashcan, light and NO-light, download one of them (it will replace the other if you download and install both)

    Object location: By function->Appliances->Disposable
    By function->Appliances->Miscellaneous
    By function->Appliances->Disposal(Indoor)
    By room: Kitchen
    By venue: Bar, Library, Lounge, Museum, Park
    27-02-16_18-20-38.png 12-03-16_13-24-43.png 12-03-16_13-24-13.png 12-03-16_13-24-23.png Sem título.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed occlusion [wall shadow]