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Nouveaulicious ts2 Conversion: Floor Mirror 2.0

Reflections of Beauty floor mirror. TS2 Store conversion. 5 Recolors

  1. Hinayuna
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Office
    • Decoration
    • Dining
    • Miscellaneous
    Conversion by me. Free to recolor/remesh. Just credit me c:
    Object location: By function->Decoration->Mirrors
    By room: Bedroom, Bathroom, Diningroom, Livingroom, Miscellaneous, Studyroom
    By venue: Bar, Library, Lounge, Museum
    01-02-16_23-49-30.png 01-02-16_23-53-14.png 01-02-16_23-54-30.png 01-02-16_23-56-19.png 02-02-16_00-01-41.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed small vertex and bump map problems