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Picture "Printania Lyllianna" 1.0

Picture composition style Mucha

  1. Adlw Simiesk-Art
    • Decoration
    Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International This is not a Free Culture License.

    Moi2 copie.jpg

    Printania Lyllianna

    Composition for the Valentine's Day. Printania Lyllianna, The Spring.

    • Found in Decorations, Painting and Posters
    • Cost 10 Simeleons
    • 1 Version

    • Design Logo//© Adlw (Me)
    • Canvases Mesh © TheNumbersWoman
    • TSRW
    • Photoshop

    Thank you and good game !! ^^
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