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Pool Wall Tiled Vintage Set – volume 1 & 2 1

Did you know it’s the roman mosaic that is popular and not the greek one ?

  1. k-hippie
    Wall Type:
    • Tile
    • Misc.
    Did you ever stop to think that mosaic is a work of detail ? A long run really. Sure, today we think it’s totally hype, like old-school 8bit pixelart but really, it is a mastery, a technic and a true art. Really popular around the mare nostrum, specifically countries where light is predominant : logical since mosaic is hard to see in the dark …

    It is beautiful under the sun and what’s even more beautiful than mosaic under the water under the sun ? Nothing ! Exactly our point ;)

    All seamless, in every direction.

    hippie-k-imago-poolvintage-08.jpg hippie-k-imago-poolvintage-09.jpg hippie-k-imago-poolvintage-10.jpg