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Posters Size L " Company's Müller Pack III" 1.0

Posters for decorate your Luxury BeautyShop and CakesShop

  1. Adlw Simiesk-Art
    • Decoration
    Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
    Poster Company's Müller Vol.3

    These posters are the posters of the mark of the company's Mullers,
    begun station wagon established in 20th century.

    The company in at first makes a fortune in the pastry before launching into
    the gastronomy and a century later in the fashion.

    Office Müller

    • Found in Decorations, Painting and Posters
    • Cost 185 Simeleons
    • Size L
    • If you want the XL version see (here)
    • 6 Version

    • Design Logo//© Adlw (Me)
    • Canvases Mesh © Fuyaya sims-artist.fr
    • TSRW
    • Photoshop

    Thank you and good game !! ^^