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Retail Bookstore Set 2016-02-26

An object set to help you create a unique retail bookstore!

  1. BrazenLotus
    • Decoration
    Additional Requirements:
    Feel free to recolor, require and link back to my original file
    Ask permission before using my original meshes
    DO NOT include my objects in your uploads
    Please see original creator policies regarding non-original meshes
    Objects Include:
    • Bookstore Shelf Display, emptied w/added slots
    • Slanted Wall Display
    • Muse Add-on Display, original by Plasticbox HERE, recolored and edited
    • 20 Deco Books, each with 25 color variations
    • Book posters, 64 variations
    • Window Decals, 3 styles with 30 variations
    Additional slots have been added to the Bookstore display and I have edited Plasticbox's Muse Add-on to display standing books. The deco books sit nicely on all the shelves and are to decorate and fill out the shelves you do not display standing books on. The Slanted shelves are for those books that change to the wrong cover when you try to display them. This will allow them to be displayed while keeping the original cover.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cinjan
    Version: 2016-02-26
    I love it!