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Revamped Plantsims mod 0.2.5

a mod that revamp plantsims and make them more like orginal "plantsims"

  1. G1G2.
    PC: / Mac:
    new requirement:
    the mod now needs xml injector by SCUMBUMBO
    https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector for certain features to work, like the feed from lamps feature.
    (make sure to enable script mods in settings)

    new features:
    -you can now get the plant sim fruit and cure and the magic beans by ordering them on a computer

    -you can now sleep in bathtub to assure your sim is always hydrated while sleeping

    bugs and balance:
    -updated the mod to the latest patch
    -fixed a bug that prevented plantsims from absorbing sunlight from plants
    -decay on water motive is now -1.5 instead of -5.6 while absorbing light from lamps
    -decay on water motive is now -3 instead of -5.6 while absorbing light from sun
    - this will hopefully make it so your sim isn't bound to die if her turns into a simplant
    -absorbing light from lamps increases the sunlight motive by 2 instead of 5.6
    -replaced the sunlight motive icon with a better one

    I was really disappointed with how half done are those plantsims that were added so i decided to revamp them and add/change some stuff taking inspiration from ts2/ts3 plantsims.
    1.plant sims now will use light sources (lamps) to feed from once they are in a certain perimeter of the lamp.
    2. When plantsim pollen they grow weed/flower under them.
    3. A plantsim cure is added (super spice), drink the cure to get back to normal human.
    4. Plantsim motives are now water,sunlight,fun,social and hygiene
    5. If your sim turned into a plantsim there is no time limit for him/her to revert back.
    6. Your plantsims are not limmited to one haircut anymore, choose and pick.
    7. A leafy haircut is included in the mod.
    8. plantsim will now have green eyes and vines by default, when there water motive goes down there vines and eyes will change color into withered one.
    9. All plantsims npc's will have the leafy hair assigned to them.
    10. The forbidden tree no longer look like a plantain and now its color resemble the fruit it produce.

    also keep in mind this does conflict with changeable hair mod cause that mod was included here :)

    made with s4studio


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Recent Reviews

  1. Periwinkle
    Version: 0.2.4
    I adore this mod and love using it but there is an issue with the light update where your plantsim's hunger doesn't actually go up when it's not sunny weather outside. You get the photosynthesizing moodlet but it doesn't actually increase hunger and I'm pretty sure it's a bug. If you are still working on mods PLEASE fix.
  2. Zazuban
    Version: 0.2.2
    A must have piece of CC that breathes new life into the Plant Sim lifestate; a must have for any Sims 4 setup.
  3. Zatanna
    Version: 0.2.1
    Thanks a lot! I love your creations (especially the super hero themed ones) and this is just what I needed for my Poison Ivy =)