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Revamped Plantsims mod 0.2.5

a mod that revamp plantsims and make them more like orginal "plantsims"

  1. Periwinkle
    Version: 0.2.4
    I adore this mod and love using it but there is an issue with the light update where your plantsim's hunger doesn't actually go up when it's not sunny weather outside. You get the photosynthesizing moodlet but it doesn't actually increase hunger and I'm pretty sure it's a bug. If you are still working on mods PLEASE fix.
  2. Zazuban
    Version: 0.2.2
    A must have piece of CC that breathes new life into the Plant Sim lifestate; a must have for any Sims 4 setup.
  3. Zatanna
    Version: 0.2.1
    Thanks a lot! I love your creations (especially the super hero themed ones) and this is just what I needed for my Poison Ivy =)