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Revamped Plantsims mod 0.2.5

a mod that revamp plantsims and make them more like orginal "plantsims"

  1. mod update to new version plus new features

    new requirement:
    the mod now needs xml injector by SCUMBUMBO https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector for certain features to work, like the feed from lamps feature.
    (make sure to enable script mods in settings)

    new features:
    -you can now get the plant sim fruit and cure and the magic beans by ordering them on a computer

    -you can now sleep in bathtub to assure your sim is always hydrated while sleeping...
  2. revamped FIX

    1.Fixed a bug where traveling will cause your plantsim to disappear
    . hygiene motive was needed so i had to add it back
    2.Fixed vines not showing on plantsims.
    3.Fixed a bug which caused you to find nothing when exploring the magic bean tree.
    sorry for the late update.
  3. plantsims revamped update

    the mod now is functional with the latest patch PC Mac
    -lights should no longer be turned off by default
    -fixed the sun motive icon

    known bug: the vines are no longer working due to the latest patch introducing a bug, the bug caused the plant sims default hair to not always show up and the same things is happening to the veins, that bug will need to be fixed by ea, nothing i can do :(.
  4. light update

    update 0.2.2 :
    1.mod compatible with the cat and dogs patch
    2.plant sims now will use light sources (lamps) to feed from once they are in a certain perimeter of the lamp.

    note: this was added to avoid death from lack of sun when it is only night, i also think its a cool addition.
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  5. real split files

    i uploaded the wrong file before this should be the proper split files.
  6. devided files

    the files are now divided so you choose what you want to have
    please delete the old file if want this.
  7. hotfix

    the love motive was not working so this update will revert it back to social thus make it work for now.