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Men's Rickey (Laparotomy) Scars 1.0

Three types of laparotomy scars for your male sims.

  1. Hagfisher
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    I created a set of laparotomy scars. There's seven differing colors, ranging from very light to very dark, including green and blue. Your sim can be fair or swarthy skinned and the scar will still appear. There is a separate scar, the one I made for my sim. Its swatch is the brightest orange, and there's only one variety of it.

    The three varieties are horizontal, vertical, and vertical with an arc coming off to the sim's left side.

    There are seven colors marking the different swatches. The same color swatch indicates that it's the same color scar, only a different shape.

    It can be found as a tattoo, it counts as lower back. It looks good with Maxis Match skins and on the base skin. I put it as a lower back tattoo so it can go with body hair mods and body tattoos that go up the front of the sim; the inspiration came from the varying photos of people getting tattoos to cover up their laparotomy scars.

    As of now it's male only but I will soon make one for females if people are interested. I personally wouldn't use the scars for females, the initial scar was made for a particular sim of mine who is a dude. I will only make the female version if people would like it.