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Men's Rickey (Laparotomy) Scars 1.0

Three types of laparotomy scars for your male sims.

1. Can I edit it?

Go ahead! Make your own colors and upload them if you'd like. Feel free to move the scars around, retexture them, resize... etc. My only request is that you give credit to my original posting of the CC. If this set inspires you to make your own, it would be awesome if you could give credit to where you got the idea.

2. I can re-upload them??

If it isn't the same exact set as the one posted here, and instead consists of different colorings, locations, sizes, then yeah, go crazy uploading it. I do expect you to give credit.

Don't re-upload to a paysite.

3. Female scars?

Not yet, no. I stated in the description that the scars were made for one of my male sims in particular. I prefer to make CC for myself, then maybe upload it. I don't want to go through the work of making the scars fit the female form, only for no one to be interested.

4. You could enable the tattoo for both genders!

No. The scar would jump up on the female form so it would look like she has huge scars between her upper chest. The scars need to be re-positioned for it to appear as a true laparotomy scar.

5. Rickey scars? What's that all about?

That's the sim I made the scars for. I thought it would only be right to credit him.