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Women's Ruffle Bikini 1.0

A cute recolour of Sim4ny's ruffle bikini in Holosprite's summer citrus palette

  1. Moonstrucksims
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Clothing Style:
    • Swimwear
    Clothing Type:
    • Outfits
    Additional Requirements:
    The mesh by Sim4ny is required, download it here XXX.
    colours.png patterns.png
    This is a cute recolour of the ruffle bikini by Sim4ny in Holosprite's summer citrus palette and patterns to give your sims a really summery look. I hope you enjoy!;)

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  1. Moonstrucksims Ruffle Bikini

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  1. Gisheld
    Version: 1.0
    Thank You :D!!You did a really good job :D.