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Secret Garden (CAS Room Override) Beta

CAS Override

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Miscellaneous
    Please follow crocobaurra's TOU for the 'Arched Hedges": http://modthesims.info/m/65423 and TheJim07 's TOU for the "Arc Boxwood Hedges" and theDecorative Egg Topiary :http://modthesims.info/m/654378 In The version with the darker colored statues I used Siminimonsters recolors and some of his reversed versions of my converted statues, please refer to his TOU for those : http://siminimonster.tumblr.com/About%20-%20TOU
    The Decorative Egg Topiary was converted from TheJim07's TS3 version.
    The Arc Boxwood Hedges were converted from TheJim07's TS3 version.
    The Arched Hedges are converted from crocobaura's TS2 version.
    The statues were converted from Titan Quest.
    The Bronze statues were recolored, and some were reversed by Siminimonster. ( I don't believe they have been released yet.)

    Choose only one:

    01-28-17_9-48-00 PM.png
    Simini Bronze
    01-28-17_10-01-11 PM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Crystal Cummings
    Crystal Cummings
    Version: Beta
    My kid started their game, headed right to their 6 hr CAS session and promptly said "What the heck is wrong with you?"... totally worth it ;)