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sg5150 Tire Service Kit 2017-03-02

Tools for the Tire's trade

  1. sg5150
    • Miscellaneous
    New Mesh TOU: Recolors are fine. Do not place on adsites adfly of any kind. Please keep my new mesh Free and Free from ad hassle. Thanks Serena
    sg5150 Design with Wheel and Tire by Bloom

    Bonus 1956 Ford F-150 by Fresh Prince

    I am okay with patting myself on the back for this set. For so long I eyed these machines at 3D mesh sites and never could I afford them. Finally I am proud to say that I built my own new mesh and now everyone that is interested may enjoy these free too. Available slots for easily placing Tools, Wheel Weights and Soapy Water. English and Simlish versions.

    New Mesh Included: Hydraulic Jack 5036 Poly, Pry Bars 122 Poly, Soapy Water 298 Poly, Tire Machine (Wheel and Tire by Bloom) 4879 Poly, Wheel Balance Machine (Wheel and Tire by Bloom) 4517 Poly, Wheel Weight Tool 438 Poly and Wheel Weights 98 Poly.

    Bloom Mesh included: All Wheels and Tires 3423 Poly

    Fresh Prince Mesh Included: 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup (Not included in the Merged File)

    Sims 4 CC


    1. 03-02-17_12-29-09 AM.png
    2. 03-02-17_12-30-24 AM.png
    3. 02-27-17_12-06-34 AM.png
    4. 03-02-17_12-31-03 AM.png
    5. 03-02-17_12-31-27 AM.png
    6. 03-02-17_12-32-09 AM.png

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  1. BigUglyHag
    Version: 2017-03-02
    Cool! Thank you!!! :D And welcome!
    1. sg5150
      Author's Response
      Yes, Thank you for recommendation and instruction. ♥