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Simoleon Coins Version 2.0

Coin objects to allow your sims to "transfer" small amount of money

  1. treelifeCreations
    • Miscellaneous
    Use and share as you wish. Just please give credit if it is due.

    After reading some inspiration posts on the sims 4 forum, I got some great ideas for my town but I needed a way for my sims to transfer small amount of money. So I bring you sim “coins” version 2 using the base game coin mesh that came with the patch.

    The Details:
    - They come in 5 amounts ($1, $5, $10, $20 and $50) all under the same catalog entry (so as not to clutter your buymode).

    - Can be found under both Electronics -> Misc or Decoration -> Clutter.

    - Can be dragged and placed in sim inventories.

    - Are stackable.

    tumblr_o2bd4gdpRu1uimwi5o1_400.png tumblr_o2bd4gdpRu1uimwi5o2_400.png
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