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Simoleon Coins Version 2.0

Coin objects to allow your sims to "transfer" small amount of money

Can you drag these into non-active sims inventories?
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that any Sims 4 objects can be dragged from your active sims’ inventories into non-active sim (i.e. a sim not in the household you are currently playing). I tried with every object I could think of including a few custom ones such as Zooroo’s ATM cards.

These allow sims to give each other gifts or pay for services by leaving these coins on the other sim’s home or retail lot.

But if somebody can find an object (cc or in game) that can be dragged into a non-active sim, please tell me and hopefully I should be able to update these so they can do the same.

Do these depreciate?
No, I have turned off the depreciation flag so they will not lose value over time or going between households.

Can I still use your version 1 coins?
Of course, these are completely separate non-conflicting objects. If your playing a history challenge (or just like rocks) and want that rocky aesthetic my earlier rock coins can be found on my tumblr.