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Sims 4 Dream house with indoor pool, gym, luxury bedrooms, luxury rooms, 2 basements 2022-04-07

Dream luxury househould

  1. Matthew96
    My dream Sims 4 house I built, Including: 4 levels; two in the basement, 2 living rooms, 3 bathrooms (13 altogether of all types), 2 kitchens, dining room, study, garden with play equipment and BQ, 6 bedrooms all with en-suites, indoor swimming pool and gym with 4 changing rooms including with 4 bathrooms, bar, skill room and science lab.

    It's Smallwood household in town.


    1. 10665669_1050462668359303_8724231484341951188_n (1).jpg
    2. 12891547_1050462711692632_1240921988042973964_o.jpg
    3. 11694914_1050462701692633_982947830822122932_n.jpg
    4. 12671982_1050462671692636_8877544666486556813_o.jpg
    5. 6850_1050462661692637_5905666289218983923_n.jpg
    6. 10665669_1050462668359303_8724231484341951188_n.jpg