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Simstopics No Monsters Waking Children 2.0

Hate those monsters under the bed? No more!

  1. Simstopics
    03/23/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version -No update needed
    Additional Requirements:
    You must have the June 23rd – PC Version / Mac Version or later to be able to use this mod! Please do not use it without being patched to at least June 23rd's patch!
    Are you tired of the monsters under your children's bed waking the children up who in turn wake up everyone else in the household? Well no more! This mod stops the monster from waking the children up. You can still spray for monsters, you just don't have to worry about it constantly waking your sims up. Your children sims can also still talk to the monster!

    No Monsters Waking Children.jpg

    Edited Resources: (any other mod that edits this resource will conflict together)
    • DEBAFB73!00000000!0000000000020A2F.broadcaster_Bed_Monster.BroadcasterTuning
    To install: download and extract the .rar and put the .package into your Mods folder!

    Thank you to Deaderpool and Simsical Creations for their help on the creation of this mod! I would have drove myself crazy with this if it wasn't for you two!

Recent Updates

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