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Women's Stealthic Paradox Retextured by Julie J 2016-03-26

Done with Pooklet colours and Nymphy's textures

  1. Julie J
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Hair Type:
    • Regular Hair
    Additional Requirements:
    Mesh not included - You need the mesh by Stealthic at TheSims Resource HERE
    Please don't reupload or claim as your own or another creator's work - No paysites, BackAlleySims or Adfly
    Paradox5.png Paradox4.png Paradox3.png Paradox2.png Paradox1.png
    Teen through to Elder - Has own thumbnail
    Mesh not included - You can get that by Stealthic at TheSimsResource HERE

    Pooklet's colours used and Nymphy's textures


    Stealthic - Original Hair & Mesh
    Pooklet - Colour Actions
    Nymphy - Hair Textures
    Julie J - Retexture