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Sympxls Andesite Bathroom Wall Storage 2016-11-14

Wall Storage Cabinets

  1. Sympxls
    • Bathroom
    • Miscellaneous

    Sympxls Andesite Bathroom Wall Storage

    • TS3 to TS4 conversion.
    • 2 .packages; 1 open, 1 closed.
    • 16 swatches for each. 1 from original mesh, 15 from this Wood Texture 02 Palette.
    • Custom thumbnails.
    • Merged .package file included in .zip download.
    • Cost §1.
    • Found in Misc Surface category.
    • Can be moved up & down wall, like wall art, without using the alt + 9 cheat.
    Mesh credit to @marcussims91. Wood texture credit to @peacemaker-ic.

    MY TOU
    Let me know of any problems.
    Happy Simming!