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Sympxls Deco Shoes Pt 2 (& Pt 1 Redux) 2016-11-25

Deco object shoes

  1. Sympxls
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    Sympxls Deco Shoes Pt 2 (& Pt 1 Redux)

    • TS3 to TS4 conversions.
    • Pt 2 is 5 conversions from TS3 by @plumblady.
    • Pt 1 is a redux of a previous release of mine of another 4 conversions from TS3 by @plumblady. The bump map & the shadows fixed. If you have the previous version of them in your game, please i beg of you delete & download these, as this version will NOT replace the old files.
    • You can find these deco shoes for TS3 in these posts: HERE & HERE.
    • MOST have multiple swatches, cause you know, like, variety and all.
    • Cost §1.
    • Found in storage/dresser category.
    • Custom thumbnails.
    • 3 merged .package files included in .zip download file ~ 1 merged for part 1, 1 merged for part 2, & 1 merged for both parts.
    MY TOU

    Let me know of any problems.

    Happy Simming!