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Sympxls Ghost Chair 2018-01-26

Sympxls Ghost Chair

  1. Sympxls
    • Living Room
    Sympxls Ghost Chair


    • 15 woods & 46 solid colors in the Autumn Shade palette, plus a white swatch
    • Cost §1
    • Custom thumbnails
    TS3 mesh credits to @marcussims91. Wood textures credit to @peacemaker-ic. Solid color palette credit to @double-plumbob.

    ***There were a few people who asked to download these privately in the past couple of months. If you are one of them, this version is better, so please delete what you have & download this version. Thank you!***

    Big thanks to @mxims & @peacemaker-ic for the content used in the preview pic, and to @smubuh for the psds, for the color palette preview.
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