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Sympxls Kollaa Armchair RC's 2016-11-04

Armchair Recolors

  1. Sympxls
    • Living Room
    Additional Requirements:
    The original mesh from Punisa HERE.
    Sympxls Kollaa Armchair Recolors
    • 3 .packages using most of the colors from these 3 color palettes: | 1 | 2 | 3 |
    • Merged .package file only. Please visit my tumblr if you are interested in downloading individual .packages for the 3 palettes.
    • Cost §320; same as original
    • Custom thumbnails
    Credit to Punisa for the original mesh.

    ******You will need their mesh for these RC’s to show in your game. Get it HERE ******

    Credit to @vexhelps for the Forest & Winter Palettes. Pxl Palette by me.

    MY TOU
    Let me know of any problems.
    Happy Simming!