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Sympxls Misc Conversions Part 3 2016-10-26

Misc Conversions

  1. Sympxls
    • Living Room
    • Decoration

    Sympxls Misc Conversions Part 3 ~ a TS3 to TS4 conversion set


    • Coastal Themed Ottoman ~ 19 swatches, found in Misc Seating category
    • Floral Themed Ottoman ~ 18 swatches, found in Misc Seating category
    • Neutral Rugs ~ 18 swatches, recolor of a base game rug
    • Subway Scrolls ~ 11 swatches, found in Sculpture category, recolor of a previous conversion, which you will need to download HERE (floor painting) for this leaning painting to show in your game
    • Merged .package file included in the .zip download folder
    Original mesh credit for the ottomans & the leaning painting to @baufive & @millascreativecornerblog. Texture credit for the ottomans to @francythatsims. Print texture for the subway scrolls to @birdcageromance.

    I am well aware that @baufive has already converted these ottomans over to TS4, and when he did, he improved upon the mesh from TS3 to make it better and more compatible with TS4, but I couldn’t get the textures used by @francythatsims to sit on his TS4 ottomans right, so, hence the reason why I converted them. I just felt like that needed some explanation, in case anyone was thinking, but wait, didn’t he already convert those. Yes. Yes he did. But I simply adore the patterns @francythatsims used on the ottomans for TS3.