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Women's The Aldrich Twins 1.0

Lilian and Natasha Aldrich

  1. itsangiesims
    • Young Adult
    Required Sims 4 Expansion Pack:
    • Get to Work
    PC Version
    Additional Requirements:
    CC Used:
    All the links to the Custom Content used in this household are listed within a Word Document/.htm (whichever one works best for you) found inside the .ZIP.

    You do not need Get to Work. If I am not mistaken, Natasha only uses an accessory from the Expansion Pack, which is not really a necessity. I tried to make the sims using Base Game items only—with the exception of the Everyday outfits, which are the only ones I customized—I've just checked the box because if you don't own GTW, you will get a pop-up saying a few items are missing. So, this is just a heads-up.

    lilian and natasha gallery.png

    Lilian Aldrich
    — Bestselling Author; Muser, Romantic, Bookworm, Art Lover.

    Natasha Aldrich — Musical Genius; Muser, Cheerful, Romantic, Goofball.

    lilian and nat.png