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The Beast Within Conversion/Edit

Moonskin93's The Beast Within skin edited for Sims 4.

  1. Hagfisher
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    [​IMG] https://68.media.tumblr.com/93b3a1a558e570acfd1742bb27fff8f1/tumblr_opd282VJxh1wn9jgno2_1280.png

    Hi! I have been working for the past few days on making a lovely new facepaint for all of your sims! Back in Sims 3, Moonskin93 had an amazing skin for werewolves called 'The Beast Within'. After looking around, I found that Moonskin93's TOU stated that they give permission for people to use their stuff as needed. Upon converting the skin over to Sims 4, it needed some cleaning up and I edited it for personal preferences, using classic werewolf designs for inspiration.

    Moonskin93's original post can be found here

    I have the skin set only as a facepaint so it is incredibly versatile and works with the basegame. If (or when) we get werewolves added, I think this skin would give my werewolves a much 'wolfier' look! For now, I use this facepaint on one of my 'werewolf' sim's everyday outfits. I highly recommend that you use overlay eyes and sharp teeth accessories to complete the look. This download only includes the wolf skin. The ears are only outlined so your sims can have 'wolf ears' when they are pointy.

    I have never made a skin before or edited one, so there are minor seams around the neck and arms. As usual, you can edit the skins as much as you want. For now, I only have five colors. So, yeah. Go ahead and edit the facepaint.

    Again, I am not the original creator. Moonskin93 is the master who made the original skin, I only converted and polished it up for Sims 4. I hope you all enjoy the facepaint!


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