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Unmaintained The Sims 4 Grocery Store Mod 1.2

They're back! Take your Sims grocery shopping!

  1. Fixed for the new patch!

    The mod is working again in game! Please report any errors you find, and replace the old version with this in your game.
  2. Traditional Chinese translation!

    Unless you play your game in traditional Chinese this is not an essential update.

    • Now includes a traditional Chinese translation by wuccwzt.
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  3. Expanded language support!

    This mod is not essential for players who have their game language set as English.

    1.1.2 now adds support for games in other languages!
    • French and Spanish (thank you to Hey Dave for the Spanish translation) versions are now avaliable
    • All other in-game languages will now display English text instead of blank boxes.
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  4. New mod flavours

    The mod has been updated to include two flavours: one for those that use graycurse's mod, and one for those that do not.

    If you already use graycurse's mod, you do not need to update. Those that do not use her mod should update.