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The Story of Light 2018-06-20

Pose Pack | 32 poses | CAS: Geek

  1. catsblob
    Latest version of pose player
    Additional Requirements:
    WAEKEY's side
    • this was made with male rigs, so it may appear weird with female rigs.
    • the sims do use custom sliders so it may not look EXACTLY like the pictures, but it should look the same.
    • all poses are given custom thumbnails with how they look so you’re not confused!
    • all poses are organized by the person it represents (minho, taemin, jinki, kibum)
    • no all-in-one poses are given
    • cas pack is included that has all of the poses besides the chair poses!
    • the chair poses are set up like this. moveobjects on is required.


    1. 1.png
    2. 2.png
    3. 3.png
    4. 4.png