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Thomas and Friends Toddler Beds 1.0 2017-04-27

Thomas and Friends bed recolors for your toddlers.

  1. Hagfisher
    • Bedroom
    • Children

    Hello! I have recently made a recolor of a toddler bed. When I was younger I had a wooden toddler bed and I loved Thomas the Tank Engine. So, I decided to bring forward my love of the show and the Sims and combine them! In the file you will find six recolors of the toddler bed.

    Three contained the same image of Thomas, Percy, and James but in different color themes. The other three depict the three engines individually reflecting their colors.

    This is my very first recoloring of an object and I am happy with how it all turned out. I know that I only included three of the engines. However, if you'd like, feel free to download and add your own engine to the files. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and that your toddlers enjoy this childhood staple.


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