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Triteia Luxury Corner Bath with Jets and a Friend Beta

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Bathroom
    This was just a silly idea I had to put the angler fish in a tub. I planned on releasing for an April Fool's Day gift, but I was just too tired to get up before 4:30am in order to post it before I went to work.
    Obviously it is just a combination of TS 4 meshes.

    05-30-16_9-12-39 AM.png 05-30-16_9-15-19 AM.png 05-30-16_9-15-19 AM.png 05-30-16_9-17-34 AM.png


    1. 05-30-16_9-15-07 AM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Crystal Cummings
    Crystal Cummings
    Version: Beta
    this... its this kind of extra specialness that makes sims totally more worthwhile.
    1. BigUglyHag
      Author's Response